1. I hope you’re feeling better, because I can’t imagine a positive reason for why you’d have been stuck in bed for so long. I’ve been mostly bedridden myself since I was diagnosed with a herniated disk at the end of May and only in the past few days have I slowly started picking up my old routine again, but I still have pain and still need to lie down for hours.

    I’ve spent my time doing a lot my smartphone and tablet: calls, email, lots of note-taking while watching YouTube and video downloads I’ve been meaning to watch for some time, and even some articles & blog posts, mostly using Google Voice Typing.

    I also outsourced some of my work to a freelancer.

    • Ms_Riot89

      Hi Jacob,

      I hope you’re feeling better too! I lost the use of my legs 3 months ago due to a functional neurological disorder, and although I’m not much better I’m out of bed a little more than I was. If you’re able to outsource thats great! I’m sure that helped a lot!

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