1. I hope you’re feeling better, because I can’t imagine a positive reason for why you’d have been stuck in bed for so long. I’ve been mostly bedridden myself since I was diagnosed with a herniated disk at the end of May and only in the past few days have I slowly started picking up my old routine again, but I still have pain and still need to lie down for hours.

    I’ve spent my time doing a lot my smartphone and tablet: calls, email, lots of note-taking while watching YouTube and video downloads I’ve been meaning to watch for some time, and even some articles & blog posts, mostly using Google Voice Typing.

    I also outsourced some of my work to a freelancer.

    • Ms_Riot89

      Hi Jacob,

      I hope you’re feeling better too! I lost the use of my legs 3 months ago due to a functional neurological disorder, and although I’m not much better I’m out of bed a little more than I was. If you’re able to outsource thats great! I’m sure that helped a lot!

      • Being able to outsource is what mostly kept my business going, no question.
        However, I already had a lot of experience outsourcing so it was easy to just do more of it temporarily. For someone new to it, I’d recommend starting slowly or you’ll get frustrated quickly, adding to what’s already a stressful situation

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