Chronic Style Disorder does Naidex 2017: Day Two

A quick round up of day two at Naidex 2017! Chronic Style Disorder Does Naidex 2017: Day 2

It was another busy one at Naidex! Today I focused more on the stalls and less on the talks (which in someways I regret as there were some really good ones by all accounts). Please forgive me for not providing much information on them!

There have been so many great products that I have seen so far. I’m pretty sure I haven’t even seen every stand yet! The stand out product of the day was the Genny electric wheelchair. I hope to review it in the near future. It uses segway technology. It feels a little odd at first, but provides a really nice ride once you get used to it. You can also use it offroad. I also got to try out a Quickie Helium chair – which is unbelievably light!

The talks were great yet again!

Hannah Ensor – Helping people around us to understand hidden symptoms and disabilities

If you are yet to come across Hannah’s work – Stickman Communications, please have a look. Her product’s I feel are invaluable tools for helping explain not just your disability but what your needs are at that present moment.

Fiona Jarvis – Why style and disability are important

Fiona makes a very valid point of how compliments on our surroundings and how we look can boost our self esteem. Unfortunately with so few disability products being designed with aesthetics in mind, it can be difficult to look and feel stylish whilst still using products that meet our needs. Fiona’s company Blue badge style, is working with designers to create stylish and functional products and hopes more will follow suit!

Theres still so much to see and we’re running out of time! Come and see us on the final day of Naidex 2017 at the NEC in Birmingham!

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